What we do

The name, GeoViable, encapsulates the core rationale of our organization. We provide research and consultancy on natural resource governance that is grounded in present possibilities and mindful of necessary change. Geo is the earth, both our home and the natural resource below our feet. Viable, represents what is possible to achieve in the short-term as well as what is required in the long-term.

Natural resources and their related ecosystems provide crucial benefits and services to society, such as water, energy, food and raw materials. However, there is tension in the governance of natural resources between what is possible and what is required. More and more, the insight we gain from sustainability research shows that existing policies, legislation and economic incentives can actually restrict stakeholders’ management options – in ways that are unviable in the long-term.

GeoViable is approaching this governance challenge head-on. We scrutinize the existing political, legal and economic foundations of natural resource governance, while including the long-term requirements for sustainability in our analysis. In this way, we conduct research and consultancy work that is grounded in present possibilities. At the same time, we keep our eyes open for opportunities to contribute to political, legislative and economic modifications that increase the sustainability of natural resource use.

In one sentence: our work consists of doing what is possible now, while striving for what is required in the long-term. Are you ready to join us?


Dr. Peter M. Rudberg is the founder of GeoViable. He is a researcher and consultant, experienced in renewable energy promotion, climate change adaptation, environmental policy implementation and water governance in the EU and North America. Peter has worked with the Stockholm Environment Institute, Wageningen University and the Stockholm Regional Planning Office.

Please browse the publications section for insight into the scope and analysis of his previous publications. The projects section features relevant work.


Peter M. Rudberg, PhD


CĂłrdoba, Spain and Stockholm, Sweden